Sandal Nº5 Very Cherry Berry
Sandal Nº5 Very Cherry Berry
Sandal Nº5 Very Cherry Berry
Sandal Nº5 Very Cherry Berry

Sandal Nº5 Very Cherry Berry

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For new orders there are currently delivery times of approx. 5–7 working days.

  • Sandals without heels (zerodrop)
  • Lightweight and flexible sole: 4.5 mm thin
  • Vegan, cruelty free, leather free
  • Can be tied in multiple ways

What's new for Sandal Nº5 in Red?

  1. The name is new – this model was previously known as "Red Gloss".
  2. Our Sandal Nº5 comes with longer tie-up laces: 70 cm (27″) instead of 54 cm (21″). You can get the Y-Strap quick fastener here.

What's special?

Our minimalist sandals are barefoot shoes, so they don't have an elevated heel. The thin and flexible sole will protect your feet from prickly pebbles, but not you from experiencing the world with all of your senses! You'll feel grounded and in control over every step you take.

You don't have to choose between the practicality of flip flops or slides and the ease of walking in HiGH FEELS sandals: You can detach the laces and wear your HiGH FEELS as slides. Or wear them with the Y-Strap quick fastener.

You can even get creative and wear your HiGH FEELS with DIY ties just how you like :)

We are super curious how you style your HiGH FEELS! Tag us on Instagram with #highfeels #barefootshoes to let us know!

Sizing and Fit

Our Sandals Nº5 fit true to size. We didn't change the sole shape compared to Nº4.

To find your size, download our size guide. Print the PDF in actual size (100%) and put your foot on it.

When trying on your factory fresh HiGH FEELS, they may feel a bit stiff. But after 3-4 days of wearing they'll break in and will become buttery soft and perfectly moulded to your feet.


  • Straps: glossy lack, red
  • Buckles and rings: gold
  • Lining: red, matte
  • Outsole: black


We always use the best leather alternatives we can find on the market. Our materials are from Italy and Spain.

  • The upper sole and the inside of the straps is made of a breathable microfiber fabric that absorbs and releases moisture. So no slipping and no sweaty feet!
    • Chromium VI free
    • Ecological CO2-free manufacturing process
    • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • The straps are soft and comfortable on the skin (coated microfiber)
  • The toe ring is also made of microfiber with a PU coating and is stitched to the sole for extra durability.
  • The outsole consists of a non-slip rubber mixture. It is more flexible than ever, slightly grooved and offers a good grip.


Your sandals are hand crafted close to the town of Alicante, Spain. We don't want to hurt neither animals nor people, that's why we don't use leather and chose fair manufacturing. Small irregularities are to be expected.

Payment methods

  • Credit card / Debit card
  • Bitcoin (select "Coinbase Commerce")
  • PayPal
  • Direct debit (only via PayPal)


We offer free shipping within Germany. Here is a complete list of the countries we ship to and the fees.

The delivery time is currently 5-7 working days for Germany and EU countries. With a little luck, your order will arrive a little earlier.

  • Switzerland: We don't ship directly to Switzerland right now, but you can use a service like
  • Overseas: There may be customs duties that must be paid upon delivery.

Here you will find information on returns, our return form and the cancellation policy.

Effects of Covid-19 on Your Order

Do you still ship internationally?

Yes, we recently restarted shipping internationally. Here's the list with all countries we currently ship to, including shipping fees.

Please note that we don't ship to Switzerland directly. But you could use a service like

We ship all our orders with DHL. You can find all current information on the corona virus and its effects on international shipping here.

Learn more: Shipping Fees and Countries

Minimal Shoes / Barefoot Shoes

What are barefoot shoes or minimal shoes?

Barefoot shoes will allow your feet to move freely and will come very close to giving you a “walking-like-barefoot” feeling.

  • Barefoot shoes won’t squeeze your toes into a narrow toe box. Instead, barefoot shoes will give your toes enough “wiggle room” to let them move any way they want.
  • Your feet will regain their sense of touch, because barefoot shoes have a thin sole that will enable your feet to truly feel the ground beneath them.
  • Barefoot shoes have a flexible sole that will adapt to your feet and will follow each of their movements
  • In contrast to conventional footwear, barefoot shoes don’t come with unnecessary padding or “footbeds”, as your feet are naturally capable of absorbing any shock from walking or running – just like walking barefoot.

HiGH FEELS are my first barefoot shoes. Is there anything I need to know?

You’ve always worn shoes with cushioning, an elevated heel or you rarely walk barefoot? In these cases we suggest to transition slowly to this new freedom.

So, please don’t go all in on the first day and take them on an day-long walk around town – you might feel muscles coming alive in you feet you never knew even existed :D Walking in barefoot shoes for the first time is almost like taking off a cast. You need to slowly regain the mobility of your joints, as your ankles have to work very little in conventional shoes. In time, you will train all of these 60 muscles and 214 tendons and you can start exploring the world with happy and healthy feet!

Order Changes and Cancellation

I accidentally ordered the wrong size/color. Is it possible to change my order?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. If your order hasn’t been sent yet, we will be able to cancel it so you can order the right size/color. Please contact us stating your order number (#EExxxx).

Can I change my shipping address?

You accidentally put down the wrong address or noticed a typo in your order confirmation? No problem. Please contact us stating your order number (#EExxxx) and we will change your shipping address.

How can I cancel my order?

As long as your order hasn’t been shipped yet, it can be cancelled. Just send us an email stating your order number (#EExxxx). If your order has already been shipped you can always try to refuse delivery so it will be sent back to us automatically.

How can I add/remove an item to/from my order?

Right now, this is not possible. We can only cancel your entire order. You can then place a new order in our shop. In this case, please contact us stating your order number.

Can separate orders be shipped as one?

We’ll try to do our best to ship them as one but this might not be possible at times.

Shipping and Fees


We offer free shipping for sandals and boots within Germany. The shipping time is 5 days right now, but with a bit of luck you might get it a day earlier.

If you’ve ordered laces or Y-Straps, the shipping fee is 1.80 EUR.

Austria and European Union

You can expect one more day of delivery time. There are no customs fees.

Shipping: 0-0.25 kg: 4.00 EUR (add-ons)

0.26-2.0 kg: 11.00 EUR (sandals/shoes)


We don’t ship directly to Switzerland right now, but you can use a service like or

Rest of the world

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Customs fees may apply.

We ship to the following countries: Shipping Countries and Prices

Can you send my order to a DHL “Packstation” (only in Germany)?

Yes, no problem. It is important though that you need to give us the number of the “Packstation” as well as your personal “Packstation” customer number. Please write your address down as follows:

First name/Last name: First name/Last name

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Country/region: Country of your “Packstation”

Phone: your phone number

Delivery status: when will my order arrive?

You’ll be automatically notified via email (‘DHL SENDUNGSBENACHRICHTIGUNG’) as soon as your order has been processed by DHL. In this email you’ll get a tracking code to track the status of your package via the the DHL website. If you haven’t received that email, check your spam/junk email folder or contact us.

Notes on pre-orders

Before placing your order, please check whether it is a pre-order for a new design. We always mark pre-orders and indicate the expected delivery date. You will find this note on the respective product page in a box right at the beginning of the item description. Pre-orders usually have a significantly longer delivery time because the shoes are still in production.

Contact us, if you have any questions.

Payment and Invoice

How can I pay?

We currently offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card / Debit card
  • Bitcoin (select "Coinbase Commmerce")
  • PayPal
  • Direct debit (via PayPal)

Why is there no invoice in my shoe box?

As we try to waste less resources, we are not sending out paper invoices. You will receive an order confirmation via email. If you do need an invoice, please contact us stating your order number "#EExxxx" and we will send it to you.

Returns and Claims

Can I return my HiGH FEELS shoes?

If your HiGH FEELS shoes are not the right fit for you, you can return them during 14 days after receiving the package, according to our return policy.

Please make sure that the shoes are clean, unworn and in their original packaging when sending them back. You can of course try them on at home.

Please register your return request with our return form here.

You will then receive all the information necessary for your return. You’ll have to bear the return costs. If your order exceeded the amount of 70.- EUR, we recommend choosing shipping with a tracking code and insurance.

I used the size guide but the shoes are still not a good fit. Can I exchange them to a different size?

If you’ve used our size guide to figure out your best size, please check if the reference line on the printouts is exactly 10cm long. Even small differences can have an impact and possibly distort proportions.

You’ve printed out the size guide correctly? There might be other factors why you don’t feel comfortable with the ordered size e.g. personal preferences on sole length.

In case you would like to try a different size, please place a new order in our shop. You can register your return request here.

You are not sure which size to pick? Contact us and we will figure it out together.

My HiGH FEELS are damaged or defective. What can I do?

Our shoes are handmade with love and we put great care into ensuring that our materials and workmanship are of high quality. If you are unhappy with your shoes, please contact us and we will find a quick solution.

Do I have to bear the costs of the return for damaged or defective shoes?

No, we will refund your return shipping costs. We kindly ask you to send us a picture of your return shipping receipt and the tracking number. We will send the refunds through the same method that you used for the original payment; in case you paid via debit- or credit card, we'll refund the amount via bank transfer.

You can register your return request here. Please also leave a note that your items are damaged/defective.

When will I get my refund?

Your refund will always be credited to the payment method you used when purchasing the returned items. We will issue the refunds once your returned items arrived at our warehouse and have been checked.

I already returned my order but have not received my refund yet. What could be the reason?

As soon as your return arrives at our warehouse, it will be checked before we can issue a refund. Depending on our workload there might be a couple of days between your return arriving and you receiving the refund. We are sorry for any inconveniences this might be causing.

You’ve got a question about your return? Drop us a message (in case you have it handy, please state the tracking code of your returned items).

Restocks and Custom Designs

My size is currently out of stock. Will there be any restocks?

Yes, there are usually restocks during spring/summer but also we usually produce limited amounts of sizes and designs. However, near the end of the season there is only a slim chance of a restock.

I fell in love with an older HiGH FEELS design but can’t find it on the website. Will it come back in stock?

No, older designs and colors that you can no longer find in our shop will not be restocked. Special edition colors (e.g. like Very Cherry Berry) are usually only available for a short period of time. This way we can play around with new colors every year :)

Do you offer custom designs?

This would be awesome but we can’t offer any custom-design options right now.

Size and Fit

Boots No.1 – notes on sizing

Our boots are a little bit smaller than our sandals. If you already own a pair of HiGH FEELS sandals, we recommend you to choose one size bigger for the boots. Download our size guide, print it in original size and let your feet decide :)

You can find more tips on finding the right fit on our product page.

How will I know what size to choose?

Our sandals are true to size. If you wear 39 in open shoes or sandals, then order a size 39. You can download our size guide for Sandal No.5, print it in original size and let your feet decide :) Still not sure? Contact us and we will find the right size for you.

How do I use the size guide?

To start out, make sure that you’ve selected the right settings on your printer so that it prints in original size (don’t select “fit to page”). Then print out the template in the size you usually wear and place your feet on the sole shape.

The perfect fit also depends on your personal preferences. We recommend you to choose a size where you still have some space between your feet and the edge of the sole (approx. 0,5 cm in the front and in the back). This way your feet will have enough wiggle room but you won’t trip over your sole either.

In case you are unsure, are between sizes or the result differs from your usual size: Drop us a message before you place your order and we will find the right fit together.

I have wide feet. Will HiGH FEELS sandals be too narrow for me?

Our sole is designed to give your forefoot enough space to move freely and spread the toes. If you already had many problems with shoes being too narrow and you are unsure about our sole, please send us a couple of photos of your feet standing on the printouts of our size guide to and we will find the right fit together :)

I have very narrow feet. Will HiGH FEELS sandals be too wide for me?

For narrow feet we recommend you to choose our sandals with laces, as they can be tied more snugly around your ankles. If you are unsure, please send us a couple of photos of your feet standing on the printouts of our size guide to and we will find the right fit together :)

My toe ring is quite tight. Is there anything I can do?

The toering might feel a bit tight when you first try on your sandals. After some time the material will get more soft and give in a bit. To speed up this process you can pull the toe rings over a bottleneck overnight.

If you are unsure, please send us a couple of photos of your feet standing on the printouts of our size guide to

My toe ring is too loose. Is there anything I can do?

If your toe ring feels too loose and you feel like your feet don’t have enough grip, please send us a couple of photos of your feet standing on the printouts of our size guide to and we will help you out.

Tips on wearing in your HiGH FEELS

The more time you spend in your HiGH FEELS, the more comfortable they get. The straps, the toe ring and the sole of your sandals will feel softer after a couple of days. You want to get there faster? You can knead and roll up the soles a couple of times. This way they will adapt to your foot shape more quickly. If you have any problems, contact us.


How do I care for my HiGH FEELS shoes?

Please don’t impregnate your HiGH FEELS shoes. These products are usually not suitable for direct skin contact as they are often made with harmful substances.

When you take your HiGH FEELS shoes on many small and big adventures it is important that you clean them regularly, air them out afterwards and never store them damp/wet.This way they will last for a long time.

How do I clean my HiGH FEELS shoes?

  • You can easily remove light dirt or loose dust with a damp cloth.
  • For heavier stains, use a cloth dipped in water mixed with a mild detergent. An old toothbrush might do the trick for very stubborn stains. Then rinse your sandals thoroughly under running water and let them air dry.

Please don’t put your sandals in the washer and don’t use a dryer or blow dryer to dry them off as both appliances will produce too much heat.

What can I do if my HiGH FEELS start to smell after wear?

The insole and the inside of the sandal straps are made from a breathable microfibre that will absorb as well as give off moisture. This might sometimes lead to your sandals smelling a bit funky. To get rid of these smells, it is usually enough to give them a good cleaning.

If this doesn’t help, you can either sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on its own onto the insoles or mix it with water. Let it sit for a couple of hours or overnight and remove it with some water. The soda will saponify the fatty acids that are responsible for the smell and kill them. All should smell fresh again :D

Manufacturing and Materials

Are all HiGH FEELS shoes vegan?

Yes! :D Right from the beginning, we knew that we would only want to make leather-free, vegan shoes.

Can I wear HiGH FEELS sandals in the water?

Some people have already asked if they can wear our sandals in the water. We have not tested it, but our answer is: NOOOOOO, please do not! Of course you can wear them in the rain, but don't wear them for river crossings and don't wear them in the sea or pool.

Who makes my shoes?

Your shoes are produced near Alicante in Spain. Good working conditions and fair payment are very important to us. The workers in our factory are qualified and experienced shoemakers and are paid accordingly. There is lots of space, all sewing rooms have heaps of natural light and ventilation (very important for working with glue).

What we like the most: the work atmosphere is relaxed, even if there’s a deadline to catch or a mistake made. The manager has a good relationship with everyone and no one seems stressed. This creates a very calm and focussed environment.

Our shoes are mostly made by hand. This is why every pair is unique and some differences between them are also reminders that they were not made by a machine but a human being :)

Where do you get your materials from?

We use materials from Italy and Spain and are always on the lookout for the best vegan and sustainable alternatives possible.

In the future we would love to make a plastic free HiGH FEELS version. It is a challenge though to find fabrics that we like, that are durable enough and available. But we will carry on trying :D

Didn’t find the right answer for your question here?

Just ask, we speak English and German.

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11 Aug 2021
Lea W.
Germany Germany

Dieses ist nun mein zweites Paar High Feels und ich liebe sie beide. Vor zwei Jahren habe ich mir schon das braune gekauft. Ich habe lange überlegt ob ich mir diese teuren Schuhe kaufe, viel dran ist ja nicht... Aber ich muss sagen: es hat sich gelohnt. Ich trage im Sommer nur noch High feels. Nun wollte ich noch ein Paar, welches ich mit schwarz tragen kann und für besondere Tage. Durch den Lack sehen die Schuhe noch mal schicker aus. Ich finde sie sehr bequem (trage aber auch schon barfuß sneaker). Für mich sind es die perfekten Sommerschuhe und das Geld wert! :)

24 Jul 2021
Bibiana K.
Germany Germany
Very cherry berry

Für meine Fußgrösse war die Sandale leider viel zu schmal und der Zehenring auch leider viel zu eng. Der Rockverssnd war relativ kompliziert und man musste die Kosten dafür auch selber tragen.

14 Jul 2021
Stephanie F.
Germany Germany

Bequem, sehen toll aus. Aber dem Preis fehlt mir ein schöner Beutel aus Stoff, in dem ich meine schönen Schuhe transportieren und aufheben kann.

08 Jul 2021
Germany Germany
Schön mit kleinen Nachteilen

Mein erstes Paar High Feels war "erste Generation", die passen mir perfekt, der Zehenring war deutlich enger (hat sich beim Tragen relativ schnell von selbst auf die perfekte Größe geweitet) und der Bändel hatte die perfekte Länge für unkompliziertes und doch kreatives Binden, sie sitzen einfach super. Bei diesem zweiten Paar, das ich mir jetzt gekauft habe, ist der Zehenring viel zu weit, was man natürlich (anders als beim engeren Ring, der sich weitet) nicht ändern kann (die mit dem verstellbaren Ring gefallen mir auch nicht so) und die Bändel sind deutlich länger, was mich ziemlich stört, weil ich noch keine gute Möglichkeit des Bindens gefunden habe, irgendwie sind die Bändel immer zu lang und im Weg. Ich habe sie behalten, trage sie aktuell nur ohne die zu langen Bändel und versuche mich daran zu gewöhnen, dass sie durch den zu weiten Ring nicht so gut sitzen... Insgesamt leider eine Verschlimmbesserung des ursprünglichen Modells. Es sind insgesamt trotzdem sehr tolle Schuhe, sonst hätte ich sie nicht behalten, aber manchmal sollte man vielleicht nicht allzu viel ändern :-)

03 Jul 2021
Rachel B.
Germany Germany
Schickste Barfuss-Sandalen

Sehr schick, ich trage sier sehr gern, wenn ich in der Stadt nicht barfuss sein mag. Beim ersten Anziehen fand ich sie nicht extrem bequem, aber es stimmt, dass man sie schnell einläuft. Die Schnürung ist verhältnismäßig langwierig zum Anziehen und hält nur, wenn man das Bein einschnürt, von daher, wenn man schlanke Fesseln hat, vielleicht besser ein Y-Strap. Der rote Lack sieht sehr schön aus, perfekt für den Alltag sowie besondere Anlässe. Passformtechnisch habe ich meine "alte Schuhgröße" gewählt statt meiner "neuen" Barfussschuhgröße, die häufig eine Größe größer bedeutet als früher und das war richtig, denn bei offenen Schuhen braucht es ja keinen extra Platz nach vorn. Für sehr dicke Zehen passen die Schuhe vermutlich nicht, dann die regulierbaren nehmen. Für sehr breite Füße sind sie wahrscheinlich auch nicht geeignet.

02 Jul 2021
Germany Germany
Voll zufrieden !

Ich liebe mein zweites Paar Highfeels sehr! Bin voll zufrieden ;)

02 Jul 2021
Germany Germany
Komfortabler Hingucker

Sitzen perfekt, egal ob zum See radeln, Spaziergang oder abends zum Lederrock und nem Tshirt. Hab schon ein Kompliment für die schönen Sandalen erhalten. Seit Jahren ein Must im Sommer. Danke für cherry red. Rote Sandalen sind einfach whoop whoop.

02 Jul 2021
Kerstin Z.
Germany Germany
Tolle Schuhe, wie immer :)

Ich habe mir bereits 2017 die schwarzen Sandalen im Erstmodell bestellt und trage sie noch immer. Sie sind immer noch wunderbar und ein Ende ihrer Tragedauer nicht in Sicht. Trotzdem haben mich nun nach vier Jahren diese wunderbaren roten Sandalen so angelacht, dass ich sie mir zulegte - und die Qualität ist hoch wie eh und je. Der verstellbare Riemen ist eine wunderbare Ergänzung und die längeren, abnehmbaren Bindebändchen ebenfalls. Ich freue mich auf viele High-feels-Sommer.

29 Jun 2021
Austria Austria
schöne Schuhe, aber haben einen stolzen Preis

schön, aber zu teuer, finde ich. sie fangen an zu stinken mit der Zeit. sind aber sehr bequem.