»One Shoe can Change your Life« —Cinderella

Ever felt like there are only two types of sandals out there? The ravishing heels or the comfortable flat sandals? The ones that turn heads but make your feet scream in agony or »the reasonable« choices?

Do you want to be in control with every step you take, without compromising style? That’s why HiGH FEELS barefoot sandals are different. Because you can be stylish and keep your cool in any situation.

→ Get ready!

Feel Unstoppable. Look Gorgeous. Be Free.

So put on your HiGH FEELS barefoot shoes and start discovering the world with all your senses. Visit new places, walk known paths differently, dance all night along cobblestones, or go for a hike in the forest. Move freely and fall in love with every pebble on the ground.

Your movements are directly connected to your emotions. Standing upright, having a good posture and being able to move without shoe-made restrictions will give you the confidence you need to start chasing your dreams.

→ Free your toes!

Ready for the Change?

HiGH FEELS are not your common summer sandals. They are light, thin and all flat with no heel or restricting cushioning. The flexible sole gives you just the right amount of protection but allows you to wiggle your toes any way you want.

Wearing your HiGH FEELS barefoot shoes you will relearn to walk like nature intended. With time, your feet will regain their natural strength, your posture will improve and you will move effortlessly.

→ Take off now!