Why we discontinue HiGH FEELS

Yes, we decided already last year that we won't continue making your beloved sandals (and we're very sorry about that). The short explanation is: We've both got a massive burnout.

Running a business can be quite stressful, and it was just too much of it. Even though our sandals are wildly successful when it comes to demand and customer satisfaction, we failed to keep our light-hearted attitude that is so crucial for the HiGH FEELS brand.

But since we'll have some materials left and many things in place anyway, we concluded that we should do a final manufacturing run :)

What might the future bring? For this year we will manufacture only what you pre-order, and that's it. That takes out a lot of pressure. But we have no further going plans for now.

If you're interested in the details, we've already published a video last year. It's a bit of a tangled, sad video (of course, we've not been in the greatest mood). Meanwhile we're feeling better :)

Oh and it's in German though; YouTube can provide auto-translated subtitles.They do quite a poor job actually, but it's comprehensible enough to understand the most of it.