2. Wahl: Nº4 Black Beauty, verstellbarer Zehenring
2. Wahl: Nº4 Black Beauty, verstellbarer Zehenring

2. Wahl: Nº4 Black Beauty, verstellbarer Zehenring

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Wir haben wieder einige Exemplare in unserem Lager mit kleinen Fehlern oder Tragespuren, die beim Anprobieren passiert sind.

Wenn du dir also ein Paar HiGH FEELS zum günstigsten Preis ever holen willst, dann ist das jetzt DIE Gelegenheit. Nur so lange der Vorrat reicht!

Diese Exemplare bieten wir stark reduziert an, und sie sind natürlich gereinigt und desinfiziert.

Und falls dein Wunschpaar nicht mit dem gewünschten Verschluss verfügbar sei sollte – es gibt die Tie-up-Straps und die Y-Straps auch separat als Zubehör.

Eine genaue Beschreibung, Reviews, Versand-Infos usw. findest du auf der Produktseite

What are barefoot shoes or minimal shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that will allow your feet to move freely and will come very close to giving you a “walking-like-barefoot-feeling”.

  • Barefoot shoes won’t squeeze your toes into a narrow toe box. Instead, barefoot shoes will give your toes enough “wiggle room” to let them move any way they want.
  • Your feet will regain their sense of touch ‘cause barefoot shoes have a thin sole that will enable your feet to truly feel the ground beneath them.
  • Barefoot shoes have a flexible sole that will adapt to your feet and will follow each of their movements
  • In contrast to conventional footwear, barefoot shoes don’t come with unnecessary padding or “footbeds”, as your feet are naturally capable to absorb any shock from walking or running – just like walking barefoot.

Do you ship to my country?

Here's the list with all countries we ship to.

Please note that we don't ship to Switzerland directly. But you could use a service like https://meineinkauf.ch

How can I pay?

We currently offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card / Debit card
  • Bitcoin (select "Coinbase Commerce)
  • PayPal
  • Direct debit (via PayPal)

How will I know what size to choose?

Our sandals are true to size. If you wear 39 in open shoes or sandals, then order a size 39. You can download our size guide for Sandal No.4, print it in original size and let your feet decide :) Still not sure? Contact us and we will find the right size for you.

Can I wear HiGH FEELS sandals in the water?

Some people have already asked if they can wear our sandals in the water. We have not tested it, but our answer is: NOOOOOO, please do not! Of course you can wear them in the rain, but don't wear them for river crossings and don't wear them in the sea or pool.

How do I care for my HiGH FEELS sandals?

  • You can easily remove light dirt or loose dust with a damp cloth.
  • For heavier stains, use a cloth dipped in water mixed with a mild detergent. An old toothbrush might do the trick for very stubborn stains. Then rinse your sandals thoroughly under running water and let them air dry.

Please don’t put your sandals in the washer and don’t use a dryer or blow dryer to dry them off as both appliances will produce too much heat.

Delivery status: When will my order arrive?

You’ll be automatically notified via email (‘DHL SENDUNGSBENACHRICHTIGUNG’) as soon as your order has been processed by DHL. In this email you’ll get a tracking code that you can use to track the status of your order on the DHL website. If you didn’t receive this email, check your spam or junk email filter or contact us.

Are all HiGH FEELS shoes vegan?

YES! :D Right from the beginning, we knew that we would only want to make vegan products.

PETA approved vegan

Didn’t find the right answer for your question here?

Just ask, we speak English and German.

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